Perfect-Pitch Learning Media
Learn how to create your own perfectly-tuned learning media at home!

Tune it for me!


Price List
Single-Track Recording Tuned and Burned to CD $10
4-part Recording Tuned, Mixed, and Burned to CD $40


To have a learning CD tuned & mixed for you, send the following information:

  1. You don't have to know the song to make a recording, read this
  2. Record your audio file(s), save as .mp3 or .wma format so that it will be a smaller size to send via email.
  3. Email each audio file to, else burn it to a CD and send it through the regular mail with your payment
  4. Email a pdf of the sheet music to the same email address, else mail a copy of the sheet music with your payment
  5. Allow a day or two for turn-around time